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This website gives access to data from public measurment sites.

To view data please click on the Site name on the left hand site or click directly on the map marker.

When viewing Site data the display is seperated into tabs:

Use the map controls to zoom in & out or change between map types (Map, Satellite or Terrain).

Vista Data Vision is a software that allows users to manage logged data. It imports data from data files into a database automatically.
It contains many features that assist in the running of logger networks such as Alarm Monitoring, Automatic Validation of data & Automatic Reports. Vista Data Vision also allows you to publish your data to the web. With a powerful Access Control you can control access to your data.
To see more visit our Vista Data Vision demo website.

Vista Data Vision is used in a wide variety of applications, including: Weather Stations, Environmental Stations, Road Weather, Geotechnical Sensors, Building Efficiency Systems, Waste Water Pump Stations, Agricultural Systems, Hydrological Services, Dams, Ground Water, Geothermal Monitoring, Wind Farms and more.

For more information about Vista Data Vision please contact us at vdv@vistadatavision.com.